Bad design in Windows 8 vs Mac

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Windows is catching up. In Windows 8 some features were finally implemented to help users achieve things faster – even though they are buried beneath the Metro-UI that no one really knows how to use. One example is the easy PC-wide search that Mac had since ages with Spotlight: on a Windows 8 PC one can now press the windows button on the keyboard and start typing away to search through his PC. The integrated automatic backup solution is also getting better, I heard.

One thing Microsoft doesn’t seem to be able to deliver though: an easy, integrated and fast tool to take complete or partial screenshots. On a Mac I press CMD + Shift + 3 / 4 to take a complete or partial screenshot, which is then saved automatically to my Desktop. From there I can continue to edit, copy and rename it. Easy.

Windows still wants me, in Windows 8 — it’s 2014, guys!, to press the print button on the keyboard to save the screenshot to the clipboard, then open Paint and paste it there, then save the screenshot. Partial screenshots are not even possible without setting up some additional tool.

That’s just one reason for me to keep using Mac for productive stuff. It’s still just so much faster than working with Windows, because it just gets out of the way!