Science Fiction or Future?

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I was just watching an episode of “The Next Great Starship”, a casting show by the makers of “Star Citizen”. In the show multiple teams from around the world compete to let their starship design become “reality” in the game.

A thought occurred to me: I had always been saying that I think that all the stuff from current generation science fiction movies will become reality sometime. Chris Roberts just confirmed that thought when spitting out thoughts on starship-concepts from the casting-show.

When designing futuristic stuff for science-fiction products the designer can simply let his creativity flow without any restrictions by legislation, economic forces or technology / engineering. That results in a product which fits perfectly into its time (in the case of Star-Citizen the year 21xx, I think) doing the job it is designed for in this universe perfectly.

As soon as these restrictions from legislation, economic forces and technology / engineering are overcome in “our world”, we will start to see the stuff which we formerly only knew from science fiction in real life.

And since it can be connected so beautifully: it’s already happening. See for example the attached first video, which features an exoskeleton. Remember Matrix, anyone? Or think about what Space-X does: it’s a private company with the explicit mission to go to Mars in this century.

Such amazing times to live in!