The Samwer brothers incubated and scaled CityDeal through Rocket Internet. Did the original founders make any money when CityDeal was acquired by Groupon?

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Yes, they did.

Rocket Internet did neither buy nor found CityDeal, but they invested some money into CityDeal and helped it scale in order to become a serious competitor to Groupon. They reached that goal by scaling to 600 employees in just 5 months [1] and then quickly sold to Groupon for 170m US$ (paid mostly in stock). [2]

The original founders of CityDeal got leading positions at Groupon CityDeal for the DACH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) region. [3] That supports the assumption that they made “some” money from the acquisition.

It’s hard to find actual numbers: The only ones you can find are published when Groupon went public. How much each founder and investor got is buried inside the “dummy management corporations”.