Why Blizzards Titan could be a lot like Firefall

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Since a few years now Blizzard is expected to publish “the next big thing” after World of Warcraft. As one potential filler of this void a project code-named Titan is traded. Not much has been told of this new game but there are some artworks which give a first impression of the game. Have a look:

What is Firefall?

On the other hand, there is Firefall, a free-to-play MMORPG first-or-third-person-shooter which is currently in closed beta. Firefall is developed by Red 5 Studios, which has been founded in 2005 by Mark Kern, former team lead at World of Warcraft. The company is well known for its high ratio of former Blizzard employees, like William Petras, who was Art Director for World of Warcraft, or Taewon Yun who oversaw the launch of World of Warcraft in Asia.

The game Firefall was officially first presented at PAX Prime in 2010, around the same time when Blizzards product roadmap was leaked (http://news.mmogamesite.com/blizzard-product-slate-leaked.html) and thus “officially” confirmed project Titan.

Have a look at some Firefall screenshots:

So? So, they look similar!

And that’s about it! Wasn’t it for the fact that Red 5 Studios was founded by former Blizzard employees I would have discarded this thought as pure coincidence. But Firefall looks so much like Blizzards handwriting that there must be more to it.


My prediction

So what I predict is

  1. that either Red 5 Studios secretly is a subsidiary of Blizzard and Titan will actually be revealed to be Firefall,
  2. or that Firefall and Titan will be very similar (setting, payment model, focus on PVP and e-sports).

In any case, Firefall will be a very good game and it’s really worth having a look now or at least keeping it on the radar. Please come back in a few days to read my follow up article on “What Firefall could tell us about Titan”.