Product manager vs. Movie producer vs. Video game producer vs. xyz producer

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In trying to find what exactly the role of a product-manager is in IT companies, some go to great lengths to find a definition. A few days ago I read the description of what a video game producer is on wikipedia and realized that it sounds like stuff I had read about product managers on Quora.

I came to the conclusion that in many industries there are management roles associated to the product which compare pretty well with what a video game or movie producer does in his industry, which always is not “managing people”, but “managing the product”.

And the most precise definition what this actually means I also found on Quora: a “whatever”-producer generates flow. He coordinates all product related issues and people without authority and in such a way that all the talented people who work on the product are able to let their creativity flow without being hindered by barriers.

Product-manager = flow creator.